Staff Parish Relations Team
Leader: Rich Lewis

The Primary Mission of the Staff-Parish Relations Ministry Team is:


To employ and provide for supervision of staff in order to support the ministries of our church; to work with the Conference and District Superintendent; to make recommendations to the Administrative Council and Finance Team,  to provide care and counsel, nurture and support to the pastor, the staff, and their families.


The Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) is made up of eleven people: nine congregation members who can be elected to serve two consecutive three year terms, the Lay Leader, and the Pastor.  This team’s primary duties are to oversee all staff related issues and to promote a positive working relationship between the staff and the church. We recognize staff members on Labor Day, Pastor Appreciation Day, and at Christmas. 


Class of 2016

Roxanne Fisk  

Rich Lewis (Team Leader)  

Laurie Faso 


Class of 2017

Colleen Aldrich  

Sandy Cliver  

Alison Dengler 

Class of 2018

Bdcky Krzyzanowicz

Judy Mackowiak

Jerry Mathewson, Lay Leader, Lay Member of Annual Conference





  November 2017  
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