AWANA provides a safe place for children to make new friends, play games, compete in rewarding and challenging contests, earn rewards, sing songs, learn scripture, and have fun while developing their knowledge of God’s word, the Bible. 

AWANA programs are specifically designed to help students of all ages work at understanding and applying scriptural principles in every-day life. The name AWANA is an acrostic which stands for “Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed” and is taken from II Timothy 2:15. The AWANA program has existed for over 60 years and is based on five guiding principles. While clubs may look different from church to church, the principles are an essential part of the AWANA program.  When these five principles are present, more children and youth will come to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ. 

The five guiding principles of Awana are:

  1. Awana is centered on the gospel
  2. Scripture memory is key.
  3. Awana is fun and exciting.
  4. Children and youth are trained to serve.
  5. Awana is built on strong leadership.

Club meets each week from 6:30-8:00 at Fredonia First United Methodist Church. When entering, please use the educational entrance and sign your children in before leaving. Volunteers will be there to assist you with any questions. 

All "clubbers" receive a bible bag, bible, handbook, and club jersey or vest. These items are needed each Wednesday in addition to sneakers and a memorized verse.

We begin in the Sanctuary with prayer, pledges, praise music and announcements. Then we go downstairs to our classrooms for handbook and scripture time. Then we rotate game time in the community room and lesson time.

Beofre picking up your children form their classrooms, please be sure to sign them out. Only persons authorized as contacts on the registration form will be permitted to sign out and pick up clubbers. Picture identification may be requested.

We follow the Fredonia Central School calendar so please check their website at for scheduled closings as well as cancelations due to inclement weather. Closings and other program information is also posted on our FFUMC Facebook page.

Thank you, for your children, your involvement, and your committment to Christ.

Sparks grades Kindergarten-2

Eleanor Hobbs: head teacher

Hannah Phillips: assistant teacher

Truth and Training grades 3-6

Kristin Tomaszewski: head teacher

John Dedloff: youth leader 716-573-2285,

Trek grades 7-8

June Ruckman: youth leader 716-785-9315,

Nettie Puleff: Pastor 716-982-3551,


Out of Babylon grades 9-12

Sunday 5:30-7:30

This is a separate program from AWANA.

Joe Peabody: head teacher

Erin Doucett: assistant teacher


End of the season picnic: May 24 from 5-8pm

Russell Joy Park's lower pavilion

Bring a dish to pass and your baseball glove!



  July 2017  
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