Connected to God... to each other... and to our world.

The roots of our vision take us back to the Old Testament, the foundational document of our faith. The prophet Zechariah saw a man with a measuring line. He planned to measure the size of the restored city of Jerusalem to decide where the city walls should be. A heavenly messenger appeared and said, “Run, say to that young man, ‘Jerusalem shall be inhabited as a city without walls.’” (Zechariah 2:4) Dennis Kinlaw comments on this, “The city of God was not to be for containment. It was to be for overflow. From it the knowledge of God was to flow out to all the corners of the earth and to the end of time.”

 God has always called His people to overflow, not to be contained. The vision for ministry for First United Methodist Church of Fredonia is a vision of overflowing ministry — to the lives of people within our walls and to those still on the outside.  Overflowing ministry begins when we make the right connections. We must be connected to God…to each other…and to our world. Then and only then will our lives and our ministry overflow as God intended.