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Over the last couple of weeks, we've been talking about the armor of God. This past week we talked about the armor of God protecting the believer and trying to be in the habit of putting on the full armor every day. Why? Because wearing the full armor helps us to become the person that God created us to be. Once we begin our journey of faith, God then places us within a body of believers. A body of believers that will help us to become that person that God created us to be. In addition, he gives each one of us a special task within the body, a special gift or ability that will help to lift up the body, grow the body, encourage the body. 

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Once again, this week I saw a group of committed gifted believers using their gifts and talents to connect with the community, create conversation and create relationships. 

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To Family Ministries and all of those who volunteered this weekend, to those who donated goods for the sale, baked delicious desserts for the sale, and then turned around and purchased dinners and baked goods, a great big thank you! It really was the perfect example of the body working together. Each person made a difference. What's really beautiful is that the Holy Spirit was working through all of you, all of us, to once again be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.

Leftover items from the sale were donated to Rural Ministries. This will enable others who have a need to have access to the items that you so kindly donated.

What to make of Cederlind price on coin insert from CNG | Coin TalkOn another note, I wonder if anybody else has noticed that the sanctuary is very warm in the summer. Oftentimes people will stop attending church and go to a different church where there is air conditioning. I was wondering how our church family might feel about starting a fund for air conditioning? It's important that we invest in ourselves, to do the things that are necessary to make our church a safe, comfortable place for worship and gathering. Give it some thought, and if you have a little extra that you might like to invest that way, just allocate it as such on your giving check. We will be researching a few companies to get bids.

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Next week is Father's Day! I'm very excited to have John Espersen giving the message on this special day. The Lord has truly been leading him on his faith path and I believe that he is a wonderful example of a Godly man, so try to be here to support our brother in Christ as he shares the word that God has laid on his heart with all of us! I know I'm looking forward to that Sunday! 

That's all I have for this week folks! try to stay cool in this heat, stay close to Jesus and may the peace of our Lord God be with each and every one of you until we meet again!

Pastor Nettie

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