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This past weekend in church we began to talk about how a church can be likened unto a “beehive.” Maybe you've heard the expression “busy bees” or “busy as bees.” That's really it in a nutshell. In a beehive community all the bees work together for the common good and to support the queen bee. All of their effort goes into creating community And providing an environment where the queen bee can produce growth; more bees. They trust the queen bee to do her part and the queen bee is counting on them to do theirs, just like the church! We all work together for the common good and we all work together to support the work and ministry of Jesus. We believe Jesus will grow our church, His Kingdom and our community and Jesus trusts us to do our part.

The other thing I find fascinating is that the bees don't even realize that the work they do for the queen bee does so much for the world around them. Not only do they create honey, royal Jelly, and beeswax, they pollinate the entire earth…One bee at a time

Our community of believers also, without fully realizing it, has a great impact on the world around us. When we share kindness and the good news with one another, and all who enter our doors, in the good deeds God has assigned us, we are pollinating our community with faith and hope. The “byproduct” of our ministry brings sweetness to the world around us.

Often times we don’t realize how necessary we are. Whether making coffee, taking a turn in the nursery, purchasing snacks, painting in the community room, offering someone a ride to church or to the doctor…. it all matters! all of us matter… together! just like busy bees!

Which reminds me, our annual conference is 1:00 pm, October 24 at the Tri County Church Parish in Brocton. We still have a few spots open, we are missing a few of “bees." We could use a good organizational secretary for buildings and grounds, somebody to help on Family Ministries, youth volunteers who may be interested in helping on a Friday night so some of the new moms can come to a Bible study, and we really need a Lay Leader! Someone who loves the church, loves ministry, and people (see me about that if you have any questions).

If we are to continue to grow, we need all bees on deck! Or is that all bees in the hive? Prayerfully consider what God might be calling you to do to support Jesus in the mission and ministry that God has given us. Jesus promises that if we trust him and we obey Him, He will draw people to the church and we will grow. Our little hive in the middle of Fredonia has been pollinating this community for decades with the good news of Jesus Christ! Let’s keep it going!

God bless each and Everyone of you!
Pastor Nettie

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