“And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” Acts 2:42

Hello Church Family!

I am hoping that this letter finds each of you doing well and feeling healthy!

You may know that last week I began a four-week series on “Why We Gather” and how committing to gather makes us all feel better. Last week we talked about the importance of encouraging one another, especially during times like these. When we encourage another or are encouraged by one another, it gives us the strength we need to keep moving forward.

This week as we gather, we will look at how our gathering together contributes to our having a healthy rhythm in our lives. You will notice from the scripture above that the early church made it a” habit” to gather together. They were motivated to do so by their devotion to Jesus, following in “The Way” and to one another. Devotion is a powerful motivator.

The early church was very successful and is often used as a model for what church should look like. It was really a simple model, but it all stemmed from devotion and encouraging one another to participate in group spiritual disciplines. These disciplines created a rhythm in a person’s everyday life and when practiced together, created a loving, supportive and productive community of faith.

  • Teaching
  • Fellowship
  • Breaking of Bread
  • Prayer

Beneath it although there must be a desire or a devotion that drives your want to incorporate something new in your life be it church, a new exercise program, Bible study or practicing God's presence in daily prayer.

Just before the pandemic I had made the decision that I really wanted to learn to play the piano. It was really a lifelong wish. I love music and I love the piano and I had always wanted to be able to sit and enjoy being able to get lost in the music. Cathy, our previous pianist was willing to take the time to teach me. She laid out a daily routine for me to follow and we got together weekly to practice. I don't know if it's my 60-year-old brain or what, but I had difficulty. No matter how many times I practiced I had difficulty remembering the names of the notes.

I was really getting discouraged but I was really determined to want to learn this. Cathy said to me one day, just keep practicing you will get it. It will become a habit and eventually it will become like “muscle memory”. You will practice so much and become so familiar with the keyboard and the sound of each note that it will become a part of who you are.

Merriam Webster dictionary gives this example:

“They practice their routines with committed repetitiveness, for hours and days, weeks and years, so that each spinning, twisting landing off the high bar becomes an act of muscle memory.”

When we commit to gathering and when we create healthy spiritual habits or disciplines such as:

  • Teaching/Learning through God’s Word
  • Surrounding ourselves with encouraging, devoted Fellowship
  • Breaking of Bread together
  • Prayer

We will soon notice that we feel better. Feel better about each day before us, better about our circumstances…. just better all the way around! Making worship and gathering together the start (Sunday being the first day of the week!) the remainder our week will be so much nicer and it will equip us to manage anything that come our way.

I encourage you, if you are all not already joining us for worship on Sunday or participating in a small group to think about it! Make us one of your good habits and you will notice that other good habits will become like “muscle memory”. 

May God bless your week and keep you safe!

Pastor Nettie

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